Nothing comes so close

The Valencia Corridor is the center of it all. Everything epic that happens in San Francisco, that gets attention all over the world, it's happening here. And 299 Valencia is right here in the thick of it. Short walks -- and even shorter bike rides -- will plant you at the front doors of some of the most renowned dining, shopping and cultural experiences in the city, and if those don't immediately thrill you, there are award-winning backup plans in every direction. Hop from one activity to the next for hours on end, and yet you're never more than a few blocks from the comfort of home.

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People flock to the Mission District from all over the world, sometimes just for a visit, sometimes to stay, because this neighborhood brims with action and excitement at all hours.

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The Mission is like a little city unto itself, everything you need all in one place -- and the Valencia Corridor is its main drag. Lunches, dinners, shopping, movies, happy hours, picnics, haircuts, bowling, baking, art, music, romance. Everything is here.